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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 15, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. right now at 10:00 and first on fox 5 new video of the frightening hostage standoff in takoma park. tonight we're getting our first look inside the bank before police arrived. right off the top tonight a
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severe weather alert. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. a violent storm system which has already left two people deadheaded our way tonight. the end result could be strong storms, damaging winds and even flooding in some areas. >> gwen tolbart is tracking it all for us in the weather center. we have to brace ourselves for the chance of severe storms moving through the next 24 hours. you can see the system plowing its way through the middle section of the country on radar. a lot of strong storms already, gusty winds and many severe watches and warnings currently. going to our weather maps, we are currently seeing a few clouds, not a whole lot happening right now for us, but we still have a flash flood watch in effect for areas to the west of the d.c. metro area saturday morning through saturday afternoon. we'll end up seeing some pretty gusty winds with this as well and the ground is already
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fairly saturated. so we could be in for rising waters in many areas. coastal flood advisory in effect. we expect to see tides 1 to 3 feet above normal moving into tomorrow. we'll have more when i come back upstairs. storm chasers captured this power of a tornado as it ripped through mississippi. you can see the twister crossing a highway in jackson ripping up power transformers. some drivers waited underneath a bridge overpass for the storm to blow over. the nearby town of clinton has extensive damage. several people there are hurt. we got two, three! >> wow, take a look at this. before hitting mississippi these storms had already taken a deadly path killing nine people in arkansas and oklahoma. witnesses say at least two tornadoes looked like they merged into one. the storm also hit the small town of tushka, oklahoma, killing two people and destroying the only school in town. most of the storm victims died in arkansas. a father and his 18-month-old
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daughter died inside their house when a tree fell in the middle of the night. two other children were killed when trees hit their homes. dozens are hurt. stay with fox 5 as this same storm system that caused all that damage moves into our area. you can check live doppler radar 24/7 on click on the weather tab. want to take you back right now to january 28th of this year. it was a snowy day. we remember it well. bob barnard is here to bring us back and we have video to help us get into the whole mindset of what's going on. >> this was a bank robbery in takoma park, the video from sky fox above the scene within minutes and at the end of the bank roar, the dramatic video literally was played -- bank robbery, the dramatic video literally was played across the world. the robber comes out of the bank holding a hostage, a dye pack goes off, he slips and falls and she runs. we vex claus sieve video obtained through a -- have
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exclusive video obtained through a freedom of information interest q that shows what happened inside -- request that shows what happened inside the bank that day. >> security cameras are rolling and robbery suspect carlos espinoza 43 years old hood up walking into the bank. soon the 911 calls start coming in. >> we have a hostage situation inside with a gun. >> reporter: within seconds bank customers are fleeing for their lives. >> customers just laying on his pen. >> reporter: soon espinoza is behind the counter with two tellers, his arm around one of them, the other holding a gun. >> they are crawling out right now. >> reporter: prince george's county and takoma park police had the building surrounded. >> there were six people in there, five tellers and a customer. >> reporter: we watched the just released surveillance video with takoma park police chief ronald ricucci. >> he sent out the last two
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people in the bank. that way we knew we're down to one hostage based on what the other tellers had told us. >> reporter: 14 minutes after he first entered the bank espinoza is ready to leave, his arm still around the frightened teller. cameras outside show them leaving the side door. she's screaming. so, too are the officers outside. from sky fox you can watch the drama ending. a dye pack explodes inside the bag with cash. holding his hostage in front of him espinoza will slip on a snowy curb, lose hold of the woman who runs for her life. as he chases after her gun up six officers open fire dropping espinoza dead on the pavement. >> even after all this time i know what the tellers are still going through. they were very traumatized. sometimes after a few months the trauma goes away. it hasn't for any of these ladies. >> obviously the women are traumatized, as i think anybody would be in this situation. there was an investigation.
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>> that's right. a grand jury cleared six officers, three from takoma park city, three prince george's county police officers. they fired a total of 16 shots, all but three striking mr. espinoza. >> we saw the one hostage clear as day, but there were others. >> that's right. it turns out there were actually three women hostages initially for several minutes. he then sent two out and came out at the very end with the one woman who survived. >> stunning video to see. bob barnard tonight. new tonight police were investigating a suspicious death in the district. it happened at an apartment building on columbia road northwest. firefighters were called to the building for a report of a small fire. when they got there, they found a woman's body, no word on her identity nor how she died yet. virginia tech is preparing to mourn the students and educators killed four years ago tomorrow. student sung we cho killed
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students in a dorm. university officials insist they did nothing wrong by waiting two hours to warn the campus a gunman was on the loose. the school is considering appealing a $55,000 government fine for violating federal law with its response that day. we have a traffic alert in virginia. you will want to avoid 495 south at i-66. starting at midnight vdot will close three lanes of the beltway. drivers on 495 south in the tysons corner and i-66 areas should prepare for overnight traffic stoppages up to one hour at a time both tonight and tomorrow night. all lanes will reopen 8 a.m. sunday and 9 a.m. sunday. a giant military building is scheduled to open in alexandria in a few months. many defense department employees who now work in crystal city or rosslyn will be reassigned. it could be a recipe for a traffic nature meyer as you will know on interstate 95 -- nightmare as you well know on interstate 95.
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the feds are kicking in some funds, but it's not enough. john henrehan explains. >> reporter: work crews are trying hard to finish the huge u.s. military building going up along interstate 395 in the west end of alexandria. speaking of 395, traffic on that roadway is already pretty slow during rush hours. >> after 6:00 you miss the time. >> reporter: after 6 a.m.? >> yeah. >> reporter: how much slower does it get then? >> i would say about 10, 15 minutes for me. >> reporter: the new dod building is supposed to house nearly 6 1/2 thousand new workers and since -- 6,500 workers and since the new workers are near the metro stop, almost all will be using 395. >> we've got a situation that's hemorrhaging and, you know, what we're getting in the $20 million is a bandage. a bandage is welcome, but it won't fix the problem. >> reporter: i-395 does have
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reversible h.o.v. lanes, but the nearest access point is at quaker lane shirlgton and that interchange was not designed for an love exit. vdot asked for -- hov exit. vdot asked for quick approval. a few individuals from nearby neighborhoods expressed concern about the vdot proposal prompting administrators at federal highway to say they need an environmental assessment to make an informed decision. realistically that means any new h.o.v. exit near the new building would not open until 2016. remember the building is opening in a few months. >> i can virtually guarantee you for the next three years this is going to be hell for commuters. >> reporter: and predicts congressman moran some of the neighborhoods which objected to fast tracking the hov exit may find their streets crowded with spillover traffic. john henrehan, fox 5 news. tough talk from president obama in the midst of the
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budget battle. find out what he had to say about republicans when he thought his mic was turned off. plus more people end up in handcuffs on capitol hill as the fight for d.c. rights continues. as
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there aren't many unscripted moments in politics these days, but tonight we are hearing some off the cuff tough talk from president obama thanks to an open mic that was supposed to be turned off. the comments were aimed at house speaker john boehner in the midst of a tense budget battle with republicans that boiled over again today. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is following the story for us. >> it's pretty interesting. the white house says the president has nothing to apologize for. the speaker said he hasn't heard these comments, but much of washington tonight is talking about some unusually blunt talk from president obama about the republicans. candid comments at a democratic chicago fundraiser. >> at one point in the negotiations one of boehner's staff people pipe ups and says you don't understand, mr -- pipe ups and says you don't
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understand, mr. president. >> reporter: speaking while he thought his mic was off. >> you want to repeal healthcare, go at it. we'll have that debate. you're not going to be able to do that by nickel and diming me in the budget. you think we're stupid? >> reporter: but the president's mic wasn't the only one capturing raw politics. >> the chair notes the disturbance in the gallery. >> reporter: the house of representatives was repeatedly interrupted by shouting in the audience during c-span's coverage of the republican's budget debate. >> loves his country and wants to do the right thing. >> reporter: in the end house republicans passed their 2012 budget which aims to cut $6 trillion in spending over the next decade. >> we don't believe that we should be raising taxes in this tough economy. all of these things i think set us apart from members in the caucus on the other side of the
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aisle. >> reporter: democrats charged the gop's proposal to give subsidies to seniors to buy private medical insurance would destroy medicare and medicaid and stall the recovery. >> this budget does none of the above, as it ends medicare. hands off our medicare! >> reporter: there are still other battles ahead, namely the debt ceiling which is decidedly the unmic-ed president obama said still needs to be raised. >> one of the encouraging things in the meetings with both democratic and republican congressional leaders is they all agree that it needs to happen. >> so why is the debt ceiling so important? treasury secretary tim geithner says unless the u.s. raises that debt ceiling, the government would no longer be able to borrow money from overseas. also geithner warns that the u.s. would be in danger in defaulting on its loans. >> back to the president's tough talk captured on camera, he's got to go back to talks with republicans, the ones he kind of knocked in his
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unscripted remarks. how will that affect the road ahead? >> there's really two roads ahead. one is the political one and yes, republicans and democrats have to hammer out a deal on this deficit ceiling. the other one is the political track. on this one the white house is not upset about some of these remarks getting out. politically it's viewed as welcomed to the democratic base the president would be seen talking so bluntly and frankly about his republican opponents. so it's a win/win from the white house's point of view. another air traffic controller asleep at the switch, this latest incident prompting the head of th's air traffic organization to resign. one of the many political developments on fox news sunday this weekend. i asked chris wallace earlier today if the big wig taking the fall for this string of bad news was a little surprising. >> there's a limit to how surprised you can be when you have five separate incidents in the last month of air traffic controllers asleep in the towers as planes are trying to
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land. somebody's head had to roll for that, but we'll talk to secretary lahood and we have him as an exclusive guest sunday about the whole problem with the air system and it's not just air traffic controllers asleep. it's also their schedules, terrible fatigue problems. sometimes they work eight hours, have eight hours off and then work another eight hours and have these midnight shifts. anybody would be worn down by those. we'll also talk about the cracks in the fuselages of these airplanes as well as collisions on tarmacs like we saw at jfk in the last week. how safe are the skies? >> maybe the overarching theme because a lot of people would be pointing to budget cuts, the faa. president obama laid out his budget this week. the republicans have their budget. president obama went back on these bush era tax cuts this week after he seemed to agree just a short time ago to allow them to continue. is that going to be the key sticking don't, do you think? >> i think there -- sticking
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point, do you think? >> i think there are going to be a lot of sticking points. the president's plan is basically let's tax the wealthy more and not cut medicaid and medicare as much. the republicans exactly the opposite, no tax increases at all and let's try and find savings in the other. i'm not sure there's going to be an agreement on the 2012 budget. there has to be one about raising the debt limit. you might see automatic triggers or spending caps sometime in the next two months that gives republicans at least some confidence that if the deficit problem hasn't been solved, at least we're headed in the right direction. >> fox news sunday airs at 9 a.m. here sunday on fox 5. thanks, brian, see you this weekend. the fight for d.c.'s rights continues with more civil disobedience and more arrests. >> it comes after d.c.'s mayor and 40 others were arrested. fox 5's laura evans joins us now with the details. >> three more arrested today
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protesting, of course, taxation without representation outside of the hart senate office building. there were as many as 75 people involved in today's protests pointing a symbolic gesture at senator harry reid's office while wearing gags across their mouths. fresh off a pep talk from d.c. mayor vincent gray dozens lined the street in front of the hart senate office building in a so- called silent protest against taxation without representation. as one of the leaders gave a signal, demonstrators revealed taxation without representation t-shirts. they then all placed gags over their mouths with the logo for d.c. vote. taking part in the demonstration? retirees, parents with their young children, a cross-section of community. eventually adam i dinger a long time political activist stepped into the sheet with d.c. resident robert johnson. their intention?
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to make a statement. >> my business last year paid over $350,000 to this federal government. $350,000. i have no say over how that money is spent. this federal government is enacting tyranny on the d.c. district of columbia and as a taxpayer i feel it's my obligation to sit here in the middle of street and protest. >> reporter: capital police arrived within minutes warning them to leave. they were arrested. >> it's outrageous i cannot be arrested and this shirt says it all. we fought a revolution, our forefathers to free ourselves from england because england taxed us but wouldn't let us be represented. we in the district pay taxes but we're not represented. that's outrageous. >> thomas jefferson said that resistance to tyranny is obedience to god and it's time to start being obedient to god and instead of the men and women that are our overseers in the building next to us.
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>> three were handcuffed, put in the back of a wagon taken to police headquarters for processing. they were all charged with disorderly conduct. oh, it's the cat's craze. we're live from the verizon center as the team continues its -- caps craze. we're live from the verizon center as the team continues its quest for the cup next. with fios, when you're watching the picture, it just jumps out at you.
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capitals made the trade, they made the changes to their system and it looks like it's paying off in the playoffs. tonight the caps come through with a big game 2 win over the rangers as the series shifts up to new york. sports director dave feldman joins us now from the verizon center. >> reporter: an exciting game and this team is rolling. they went 2-0 and take a 2-0 commanding lead in this best of seven series, game three wednesday in new york city, but don't worry about that now because here's the situation. game 3 sunday, sorry in, new york city. sorry about that.
10:25 pm
2nd period scoreless, brooks laich behind the networking some magic to marcus johanson to jason chime ra. henrik lundqvist looking vowel -- jason chimera. henrik lundqvist looking vulnerable early. mike green doesn't do it, but jason arnott does. caps go up 2-0, win 2-0, michal neuvirth 22 saves, their first playoff shutout since game 5 in 2009. mike knuble nice justify to join us. this looks like it's fun. >> yeah. that building has been fabulous the last two days. it's been i think the home ice advantage is great and our fans are all dressed in red. it's a great atmosphere here and we played some pretty good hockey. >> reporter: is it too simple to say this new style is why it's all working? >> it's going in the right direction. nobody is getting ahead of ourselves. we still have a long way to go. as loud and as much energy this place provided us, we expect
10:26 pm
the same on sunday for the rangers in new york. we still have a lot of work to go and they'll be a reenergized team on sunday. >> reporter: michal neuvirth, his first shutout for this team since '09 and only a second playoff start, but he doesn't seem to have jitters? >> we're playing strong. he's making the saves he's supposed to like the last game. we're really limiting the chances he gets. so i think he's played fairly well. you won't go anywhere in playoffs without the strong goaltending he's providing so far. >> reporter: when this team was back in december on hbo and all that stuff, i remember you saying it's kind of weird watching our lives unfold on tv and things weren't going great. did you picture that mid-april things would be rolling or was it hard to picture that optimistic back then? >> no, no. that's the whole point because you know that we had the guys who were going to be good enough and you knew our team was good enough to be a strong contender in a playoff. we were just kind of bumping
10:27 pm
along and that get frustrating after a while. we kind of had a little change and it's been talked about to ad nauseum almost now. it's the kind of story of our season. it was all there for hbo and everybody else to see, but turned out to be very good. >> great win, mike. congrats. >> thank you. >> reporter: mike knuble one of the stars tonight, the caps win 2-0, have a 2-0 lead. game 3 is sunday in new york. mike will be there. you should be, too. >> congrats to the guys. getting exciting now. gas prices pretty exciting averaging $4 a gallon. >> i don't think it's exciting. >> it's frustrating. four dollars a gallon a reality in several states. d.c. is about to follow suit. what exactly is fueling the pain at the pump? we go in depth coming up next. plus why the feds are cracking down on three of the largest internet poker companies around. if anybody knows anything about her please, please help
10:28 pm
us find her. >> and a mother makes a tearful plea as the frantic search continues for a missing woman. ou
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. we're all feeling this one, the pain at the pump now going from bad to worse. five states are now reporting prices above the $4 mark. the national average for a gallon of regular is 3.82. in maryland it's 3.83 and could hit $4 by this weekend in the district. john townsend from aaa mid- atlantic joins us tonight. i passed a station where gas was $4.11 for regular. what can we expect heading into the summer months? >> well, you can expect it to increase. you said $4 is an average price in the district. it already happened last night. so it's already an average price of $4 in the strict and
10:32 pm
you're now just 19-cent -- district and you're now just 19 cents away from the all time record price set in the district in the summer of 2008. >> that is so frustrating. many people are asking what is fueling this spike? we've been hearing unrest in the middle east. >> it's a combination of things, unrest in the middle east, unrest in north africa, the fear of that unrest in the middle east is going to spread, but the real reason behind it more than anything else is the fact that the speculator and the traders at the new york mercantile exchange at wall street are fearful that this is going to spread. so there's a fear factor out there and it's causing prices to escalate to near record levels and so you have the speculation is going on and that's the real culprit here. >> what sort of fallout are we seeing, are you seeing as a result of this price spike? >> well, people are driving less, cutting back on their trips, consolidating their
10:33 pm
trips and they're taking mass transit more. think about this. for the last five weeks in this country demand has decreased because people have been buying less gas. now that may sound like a positive and back in 2008 when we had record breaking prices, that ultimately took the wind out of the sail, but this time around what is really happening is people are buying the same amount or spending the same amount but getting less gas. so if you routinely spend about $30 a week for gas, you'll probably still will spend $30 a week, but you're only getting six or seven gallons. think about this. the average fill-up now is 15 gallons. if you were to buy gas in the district at the average price of $4, that's $60 to fill your tank compared to $44 a year ago at this time. >> we don't even want to get into what people with suvs, what it costs to fill up their tanks. >> 75 and $80. >> tell me about it. i'm one of those people. we've been hearing talk about
10:34 pm
president obama tapping the national oil reserves. i know it's not exactly meant for times like these. is there anything that can be done to give consumers a break? >> there's things to do personally such as consolidate errands. no. 1 is -- no. 2 rather is drive the most fuel efficient car you have in your driveway. so it's a good time, shawn, to park the suv. >> what if that's not an option? >> then some other things you can do is use some apps and other protocols on the internet to find the cheapest gas around such as fuel price finder and look for the cheapest gas on your route. just down the street coming in from bethesda one station was selling gas for $4.15 a gallon, another like you said a moment ago for 4.10, but another selling it for 4.07. so you can see there's a swing of about seven to eight cents in just a three-block radius. >> got to shop around. >> you have to do like smoky
10:35 pm
robinson said, shop around. >> thanks for coming in tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> nice to get the speculators out of all this, help us all. authorities in tennessee still searching for a 20-year- old woman who has been missing since wednesday morning. holly bulbo's brother said he saw a man dragging his sister away from the house and in the woods. police now say he only saw her talking to someone outside and thought it was her boyfriend. didn't call police until later when he went outside and saw blood. researchers found items belonging to her including a white lunchbox. her mother made a desperate plea for her return. >> holly, i love you so much. please try to get home to us and if anybody knows anything about her, please, please help us find her. >> officials are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts. now to a developing story out of new york tonight, the
10:36 pm
fbi is searching for more victims of a possible serial killer. police have found 10 sets of human remains near jones beach by long island since december. officers are going back over the 15 miles of beach they searched thursday and expanding it to other areas. detectives are using metal detectors and airplanes with special cameras. in new york no charges on the case of a mother who loaded her four children into a minivan and drove into the hudson river. no one but lashanda armstrong is responsible for those deaths. they drove into the river tuesday night in newburg and died with her -- newburgh and died with her three youngest children. her he 10-year-old son survived. a driver of a tour bus behind the wheel in an accident causing the bus to flip over. the ntsb found the bus was going 78 miles an hour just
10:37 pm
before the crash. the speed limit in the area was 55 miles per hour. federal prosecutors are going after the three largest internet poker companies charging 11 people with brang fraud and illegal gambling. a -- bank fraud and illegal gambling. poker stars, absolute poker created an elaborate scheme to keep the money flowing. the indictment seeks $3 billion in money laundering penalties and forfeitures from the defendants. the postal service is apologizing tonight. we'll tell you why this stamp right here featuring a famous landmark isn't really what it appears to be. and a bear barks up the wrong tree. we'll show you how this one played out. but first business with neil cavuto. >> it's getting more expensive just to be an american, the cost of living rising .5% last month with food and gas prices seeing the biggest jump, a gallon of regular unleaded costing nearly up with dollars
10:38 pm
more today than last year. a multi billion dollar fight between johnson & johnson and merck reaching a deal over the marketing of two lucrative arthritis drug, shares up of both companies ending higher on the day. the overall market ending higher on the day as well. the dow 56 points. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by
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the post office is apologizing for a mistake on one of its staffs. take a look. kind of looks like the statue of liberty kind of. it's actually a picture of the replica outside the new york, new york hotel and casino in las vegas. this one is half the size of
10:42 pm
the real one made of fiber glass and styrofoam. postal service said it had no idea until a stamp collector told them. 3billion staffs have been printed already. they will not be pulled from the market. >> collector's item. here's something you don't see every day on the new jersey turnpike. police were called after a bear got stuck in a tree. happened in east windsor, new jersey. witnesses say the bear occasionally moved its head to look around. rescue teams got the bear safely down, no word how it got in the tree or where it may have come from. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 virginia tech will pause to remember the victims of the worst shooting massacre in u.s. history tomorrow, ahead the man scheduled and why the victims -- plan scheduled and why the victims' families are still angry at the school. check out this crash. a good samaritan pulled over to help out. now he's under arrest because of this video. we'll explain why at 11:00. with fios, when you're watching the picture, it just jumps out at you.
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groupon is another step closer to its initial public offering. the company will reportedly pick goldman sachs for its lead underwriter. it should come in the second half of this year and may raise $1 billion could also value the website between 15 and $20 billion. groupon's toughest competitor is right here in d.c. just ask tens of thousands of people who nearly got a free months today. >> the company is called living social, among d.c.'s fastest growing companies and as fox 5's beth parker shows us, they're in the business of making a deal. >> reporter: a sizzling hot deal, that's what a lot of people seemed hungry for. what did you pay for lunch today? >> $1. >> reporter: they were taking numbers and lining up for $1 lunch day. >> can i ask you in a $1 lunch deal today from >> reporter: is a d.c.-based company that partnered with 120 restaurants.
10:47 pm
>> a burrito to a four star lunch. >> reporter: they always offer deep discounts, the giant inflatable whale suspended from the ceiling of their chinatown headquarters telling their mission. >> we're always after the whale of a deal. >> reporter: they spread the word on the web and smartphone apps. >> so it's sunny, friday and lunch was $1. >> you can't beat that at all. >> reporter: living social is known mostly for what's called the daily deal. they created a relationship with merchants, somebody selling something like a burrito, for example. well, for every burrito sold with one of the vouchers living social gets a cut of the profits. the merchant gets hopefully a lot of seats filled down the road. >> living social gets the word out about us. a lot of people will try us and hopefully be back on a regular basis. >> reporter: this business' lunch crowd on dupont circle?
10:48 pm
>> it's tenfold. >> reporter: living social gets some from the cost of each deal but they get something else. >> publicity i hope. >> reporter: the company's growth in a word? >> tremendous. >> reporter: their soldout amazon gift card deal back in january. >> biggest one-day internet sale in history. >> reporter: projected gross revenue for 2011, $1 billion. >> in january of 2010 we were 33 employees. we were in six markets in the u.s. and we had 120,000 members. today we're 1,300 employees in 12 countries, more than 250 markets and 28 million members. >> reporter: not bad for folks just out looking for a deal. in northwest beth parker, fox 5 news. >> it was a beautiful day for people to be walking outside and having lunch outside, but i think that's about to change. >> hope you can bottle that sunshine, use it tomorrow. >> they should be selling that on living social definitely. we're in for a real rocky ride
10:49 pm
moving into tomorrow unfortunately. hopefully people enjoyed today. here's a look outside. so bad so far this evening. we've got some clouds rolling in. winds have picked up a little bit, but things aren't too bad out there and as far as our temperatures were concerned today, we didn't do too badly, but things are definitely about to change. we're keeping an eye on a very active weather system. we're talking about a wet stormy saturday on tap and some severe storms are very possible as well. we'll have to definitely keep our eye to the sky. heavy rain in the forecast especially to the west with this system and by sunday, though, we're talking very calm, very pleasant and finally it will be a nice end as far as the weekend is concerned because sunday is looking really nice. here's a look at current temperatures, pretty mild, 52 degrees at dulles, 54 manassas, 48 gaithersburg, 51 d.c., 48 degrees at baltimore and 56 to the south at fredericksburg. the winds are beginning to pick up quite a bit and you can see
10:50 pm
we've got wind gusts 17 to 25 miles per hour. we'll see the winds increase more heading through the next 24 hours with the approach of this storm system we're watching. ahead of it winds will actually be fairly gusty throughout the course of the afternoon hours. so be prepared for that. we have a flash flood watch in effect already from saturday morning through saturday night. this is primarily for areas through to the west of the d.c. metro region from front royal all the way through to the west and as well we have a coastal flood advisory in effect and that includes the potomac as well as the chesapeake bay area. expect to see tide levels in the afternoon areas from about 1 to 2 feet above the average normal and about 3 to 4 as we move into the evening hours. heat look at our maps and put this together -- let's look at our maps and put this together for you. here's a look at true view. areas to the west are getting a little shower activity. a few pieces of energy are starting to push through. to the far west we're seeing a bit more precipitation. when we look at radar and put
10:51 pm
the we'll big picture together, all of these really strong storms ahead of this strong cold front. there's a low pressure system to the north and this frontal system associated with it, but this is all in advance of it. we are going to end up seeing light showers starting to push in as we move through late tonight into tomorrow morning. as the day progresses, we'll see this start to intensify. these storms fairly strong to the south, an awful lot of watches and warnings. we are talking the potential for severe weather. they've already caused a lot of damage in some parts of the country, but all in advance of this cold front as it moves into a very warm moist air mass over our area. we'll see a clash of all that and things will start to erupt. let's go back to our weather maps, then. we do have the flash flood watch in effect. severe storms as a result of this, the jet stream to the north of us, but this is the area where we're actually going to start to see pushing its way towards us into the course of tomorrow. so late afternoon into evening hours expect to start to see a lot of heavy rainfall as well
10:52 pm
as a chance of those thunderstorms. storm prediction center has us under a slight risk of severe weather saturday from the d.c. metro area to the south and west of us. it encompasses a very large area of where we could see strong storms and damages winds. here's futurecast. by the time we hit 7:00 in the evening we'll be in the thick of things, but as i mentioned, we'll start to see some of the wet weather edging its way through the earlier part of the day. from washington to the north and west 1 to 2 inches, to the south of us about 1/2-inch to an inch of rainfall. the ground is really saturated from recent rainfall. this will only make it worse, so that's why we have the flash flood watch in effect. increasing clouds in, showers possible late tonight and then tomorrow showers, afternoon thunderstorms and gusty winds, but after we get through that things really improve. from sunday on we're looking at really nice conditions and our temperature rises. look at tuesday, wednesday, into the 70s, almost 80 by wednesday. >> wow. >> but too bad it's not the
10:53 pm
weekend. >> i know. everybody is saying that. >> thank you. ♪i've got this you got this. ♪ now you know it a ghost of redemption for this much criticized viral video. is reporting rebecca black's video for friday has been viewed more than 100 million times on youtube. that's more than lady gaga born this way or justin bieber's pray. fox's show glee announced it will feature the song on the prom episode. president lincoln's assassination is the subject of a new film and a maryland woman caught up in that plot is also at the center of this film. her story is coming up next. wait until you hear how much of the meat you buy is tainted with bacteria, the story that may gross you out on the news edge at 11:00. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. 
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a somber ceremony to mark the 146th anniversary of the as nation of president lincoln. a wreath was placed on the steps of the ford theater this morning. lincoln was shot by actor john wilkes booth back on april 14th, 1865 while attending the theater. lincoln's assassination is the subject of a new film called the conspirator, the story of mary surratt, a maryland woman caught up inside the assassination plot. >> reporter: caught in the crossroads between the north and south this stretch of southern maryland is home to one of the most notorious conspiracies, the plot that led to the assassination of president abraham lincoln, but who is mary surratt and what was her role? >> we are in the tavern. >> reporter: she and her husband built and worked in this house/tavern/post office beginning in 1852.
10:58 pm
she was a slave owner and aided southern troops during the civil war. >> this was a confederate safe house. so couriers and other people supporting the confederacy knew this was a place they could come, get a bite to eat, stay overnight and be safe. >> reporter: but surratt's youngest son became close with john wilkes booth. historians believe like minded men often plotted as they played cards here, first to kidnap lincoln and trade him for captured confederate soldiers, but at some point the plot turned murderous. weapons had long been hidden here at the surratt house from previous failed kidnapping attempts. at the night of the assassination booth and one of his co-conspirators came here but didn't take all the guns. one just like this was left behind, then it was tied to a string and lowered between the walls to be hidden from federal troops, but the federal troops came and a boarder at the house talked. >> they'll go up to the attic, pull up on the ropes, no guns.
10:59 pm
they rushed down and hacked out the back section of the wall. >> reporter: the gun was a key piece of evidence in mary surratt's trial as a conspirator in a plot to kill the president. she and three others were convicted and hanged, but was the -- catholic, widowed mother of three -- was the devout catholic, widowed mother of three a willing participant in a murder? >> i have still not resolved myself that she knew and it had turned to an assassination. >> do i have another volunteer? this woman is an expert on the subject, first saw the movie script four years ago and found inaccuracies. >> being an old schoolteacher, i went at it. >> reporter: she helped shape the script and had no issue with any creative liberties taken because it is generating interest in one of maryland's most infamous residents. stacey cohan, fox 5 news.


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